The waterbean is an
portable water filter
which makes all water
taste amazing

turn tap water into mineral water and fits in any bottle

Great tasting water wherever you go

Our unique filtration system turns tap water into delicious, healthy and refreshing water.

Stylish design to suit your lifestyle

Beautifully designed bottles and colourful, reusable filters to suit a wide range of life-styles.

Revolutionary Award Winning Design

Accredited by the Design of Life Exhibition in 2015 at the Design Museum of Barcelona.


Choose your Bottle and choose your filter from a selection of stylish designs- 'on the move' and in the home.

“It makes my tap water taste like freshly melted snow water.”

– Yoko, Japan

teach kids to like water and be environmentally friendly

Good for you, great for the planet 

“My kids have switched from drinking sugary pop drinks to drinking lots of purified tap water. Amazing!

– Jackie, Canada

unique filtration

Watch how our unique filtration ‘Bean’ purifies your water and improves the taste. Designed like a sail but with the power of a water turbine, Waterbean is the one.