Unlike 'BIG' WATER, the WATER-BEAN IS..........

Filter and drink clean water anywhere

Whether you are traveling, hiking, playing sports or sitting at home, the Waterbean’s portable size makes is easy to take it anywhere. Heading to the airport? Just keep your WaterBean with you and have clean drinking water on the go, without having to pay the price of airport water. It is the same wherever you go. Never buy plastic again

Cleans water and adds magnesium minerals

Using compostable coconut carbon filter, the WaterBean turns ordinary tap water into crisp, delicious water. The filter adds magnesium, an essential mineral that 70% of people have a deficiency in, according to the World Health Organization.

Change the filters easily

WaterBean filters are easily changeable after two to three months (or 140 liters of water). Simply open the WaterBean’s cover plates, replace the old filter bags and snap the cover plates back on.

Designed to work easily

The Waterbean is designed using a minimal number of components. Its design allows for easy use and removal from any type of bottle. Just insert the filter and watch it expand. The more you swirl the cleaner it gets. It generally takes about 15 minutes for the carbon to remove nasty tastes and odors from big city tap water.

Fits in any size bottle


The WaterBean is designed to fit into just about any bottle, from plastic bottles to sports bottles to tumblers. The design contracts and expands once inside. To remove, simply pull up and the WaterBean will close back up for easy removal.

Extraordinary Action By You!

    • Plastic waste has become ridiculous. What is the end game here?? Choke humanity on toxins?? Seriously!! Come on!

    • One plastic bottle takes more than 450 years to completely break down. Ain’t no one got time for that. Quite literally!

    • In 2010, the number of disposable plastic bottles consumed in the US could fill up 849,941 school buses. Which is a weird comparison when you think about it. But it is, regardless, a lot.

    • Americans consume more than 8.6 billion gallons of bottled water annually and it is a sweet business deal FOR THE MANUFACTURERS.

Our Core Values

  • 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals die when they entangle themselves or ingest plastic pollution.

  • At least 40% of bottled water IS tap water.

  • Using just one WaterBean will prevent the purchase and consumption of 130 plastic bottles.

  • Save the Planet

  • Encourage people to be more healthy by drinking more mineral water

  • Help People to save money by abandoning bottled water

  • Be environmentally and socially responsible ourselves
Plastic bottles saved from the Oceans by Water-Beaners