choose YOUR waterbean style!

WaterBean is reducing waste, saving money and changing the way people drink water.

Because Good Water Should be Free!

Classic for Soft and Pure Water

Enhances the flavour of your food & drink. Soft and subtle. Best served with meals or washing down food. Get classic water with our everyday bottles

Sporty for Lively and Energising Water

A palate cleanser. Refreshing. Great for exercise & when you just need to refresh and get on with your day. Get sporty and lively water with our sports bottle.

Well Balanced and Expressive Water

A great all rounder. Subtle, but gets the job done superbly. Great mineral water on hand with our
range of metal bottles.

Sophisticated Water

Zesty and uplifting! A great taste for people who drink lots of water every day and who like the feel of flushing their system from any glass bottle or jug.

Why WaterBean

The world’s best portable water filter

The WaterBean has been designed to be easy-to-use for anyone, anytime, anywhere. It’s stylish and portable, but the best part is that it is both eco-friendly and practical. A simple swirl of your water produces something pure and sustainable with added health benefits.

Compatible & Portable

Fits in any size bottle or jug

The WaterBean is designed to fit into just about any bottle, from plastic to sports bottles and even water jugs. The design contracts and expands once inside. To remove, simply pull up and the WaterBean will close for easy removal. The best bit…..WaterBean is PORTABLE to anyplace, anywhere!